About us

Dediko A/S (formerly Draware A/S)

Phone: +45 45 76 20 21
Address: Lyngby Hovedgade 10C, DK-2800 Lyngby, Danmark
Web: www.dediko.dk
Mail: info@dediko.dk 
CVR: DK 18 66 32 95

Employees in Dediko
Steffen Kjeldsen, stk@dediko.dk, +45 30 33 85 55
Christian Schmidt, chr@dediko.dk, +45 40 20 26 96
Line Schmidt, lss@dediko.dk

Your Security is our Passion

We work closely with our customers to actively and pragmatically improve their cyber security posture, decreasing the likelihood of a successful cyber attack and at the same time making the consequences manageable. We accomplish this by:

Conducting CIS based cyber security GAP analysis
Documenting and implementing controls and processes to increase the resilience of cyber security
Implementing cyber security software solutions from the market leading vendors to automate the security posture

Dedikos history

2000 - Draware is established as a company for cyber security solutions by the former Nordic management of Micrografx - hence the name "Draware".

2001-2020 - Draware expands its solutions to encompass more than 20 market leading vendors. We reach a yearly turnoverof 40 million DKK and have more than 1,000 Nordic customers

2012 - Draware develops a scalable analysis model based on the CIS controls and markets it as the "IT Security Barometer"

2020 - Draware sells all its activities to Deloitte in Denmark. Draware' management continues with in a leading role in software sales and cyber security analysis in Deloitte Risk Advisory.

2021 - All Draware activities are acquired from Deloitte and Draware' management continues the former Draware activities under the new name of Dediko A/S.

The sale of Draware activities and assets to Deloitte in Denmark

Draware' expansion in both services and product portfolio gave the management a unique understanding of the Nordic market for cyber security offerings - and thus also the services that could and should be naturally scaled by Draware A/S. To facilitate this expansion the Draware management looked for partners with complimenting services and competences, and got the opportunity to sell the company assets to Deloitte, who wanted to expand their offerings in software sales and cyber security analysis. As Deloitte could offer the resources that enabled the expansion that Draware was seeking, the Draware management decided to sell all activities and assets to Deloitte and become an integral part of the company under "Deloitte Risk Advisory, Products & Services". See press release here.

Closer to our customers and vendors under Dediko

Selling and implementing standard software solutions in an audit company turns out to be challenging due to a number of law based requirements, complex procedures and independence regulations. These obstacles can limit which vendors and customers we can work with and what services we can offer to individual customers. Evaluating the challenges, we decided that they were too inhibitive for our ambitions to work closely with our customers and vendors to improve their cyber security. 

Now, without these restraints, we as Dediko can yet again deliver software, support, and implementation along with our CIS based cyber security analysis in a fast, flexible and efficient manner to our customers. This is the essence of why we decided to acquire the assets that we originally sold to Deloitte and reestablish the original Draware services - now under our new brand Dediko.

We chose the name Dediko to emphasise our continued customer dedication and look forward yet again be closer to our customers and vendors and enhance our customers' cyber security posture and resilience as efficiently and pragmatically as possible.