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Please send all enquiries about software licenses to salg@dediko.dk (can be in English, Danish, Swedish or Norwegian). If you have any questions about Dediko, our products and services, please contact us hereAre you looking to acquire ManageEngine licenses, please contact our sales manager and product owner Mr. Steffen Kjeldsen.

Our CIS based Cyber Security Analysis

We have invented, tuned and perfected our cyber security analysis model to be hyper effective, fast, measurable and pragmatic*. Based on the interview model (which can be complimented by real life tests such as phishing tests, a password tests, AD tests and maturity model assessments) we present you with an actionable plan to reach the accepted level of cyber security risk. We also present the plan to top management (CxO and BOD) to ensure sufficient engagement and resource allocation.

" What tools to use, which controls and processes to implement and how to measure and communicate progress

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